Madison County Assessment Office


Our office maintains a land records database of hundreds of thousands of documents, mainly large format maps and surveys dating back to 1956. At one time, customers would have to come to our office to view these records. But, not anymore. In 1996, we started using Optitek’s software and scanning solutions and made the transition from paper to digital. Now we can publish CDs and DVDs with the information customers want and send it to them on a disk. For more specific sets of data, we can e-mail the files as a pdf. Our capacity to serve the public and other customers has increased exponentially.

While we have used Optitek, we have gone through two server updates, and numerous software upgrades, and they all have gone as planned. No surprises. No data losses or excessive downtime. We are very satisfied with Optitek and their great support!


Fred N. Michael, CIAO
Supervisor – Maps & Plats GIS Division


Madison County County Assessment Office
157 North Main Street, Suite 229
Edwardsville, IL 62025