Bishop DuBourg High School


Before coming on board with Optitek, our registrar was concerned about implementing a new system and also had concerns about how we would have access to records when they were off-site. Once the product was up and running, she found it was as easy to use as they said it would be and if a record was needed, it was scanned and sent to us very quickly. Optitek gave us everything we wanted and they provide fantastic customer service.  Our Account Rep did an outstanding job and their Technical people were sensational!  Better yet, we no longer have to store everything in the fire vault!

We highly recommend Optitek and are sure to tell other schools about them too.


Mr. Kirk Boschert


Mr. Mike Berks
Director of Technology


Bishop DuBourg High School

5850 Eichelberger Street
St. Louis, MO 63109