Insurance Solutions
Insurance Solutions

From the office or by mobile, you can strategically manage your business process


An insurance company is full of moving parts. From claims processing to customer service and accounting, time is of the essence. Demands that policy holders place on insurance companies all come down to that: how fast can you process my claim, how fast can you answer my question, how fast can you quote me a new rate, how fast can you make me happy.


To reduce time, speed-up process and make customers happy, insurance teams must tame enormous amounts of information – claims reports, documents, emails and more – and connect those information dots so its content works as one.


Working at light speed is easy with Seamlessly integrating with existing systems – from electronic claims processing systems to policy administration systems and beyond – shares information across teams and automates business processes. Instead of painstakingly processing every new business application or claim, focus on the exceptions. Capture, collect and manage content – in the office or in the field with our mobile solution – according to your business rules so work gets done faster and more accurately.


– Claims Management


Give claims teams all the information they need to process claims and handle exceptions fast and according to your business rules.


– Underwriting Administration


Bring information together from multiple sources to give underwriters the tools they need to most effectively manage risk.


– Agency Management


Connect your documents – regardless of format – to your agency’s applications. No more switching between applications or hunting for paper. Everything you need is in the same place.


– Compliance and Risk Management Solutions


Compliance management from helps you address and manage the full spectrum of risks your organization faces.


– Customer Service


Customer service is critical to insurance companies – great customer service makes the difference. helps you provide answers quickly, consistently and accurately.


– Accounts Payable


Manual AP processes slow down payments. document and business process management removes unnecessary labor and paper for faster results.


– Human Resources


Let your HR staff focus on work that gives you a competitive advantage – like finding, hiring and retaining the best employees.