Healthcare Solutions
Healthcare Solutions

Connecting staff with critical information is the key to delivering cost-effective, quality healthcare. works with doctor’s offices, billing firms, multi-disciplinary practices, clinics and hospitals to help create a paperless workplace. Our offerings include scanning your paper documents into electronic format along with implementing software or cloud-based solutions to manage that information. Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems bring your office, clinic or hospital into the paperless age.


Lack of systems interoperability can inhibit the successful implementation of healthcare technology. Our Electronic Content Management (ECM) solutions help create seamless communication, document sharing and improve information access within your organization, large or small, from accounts payable to administration, allowing you to focus on efficient, quality patient care.


– Scanning Services has a full-service scanning bureau to assist in the digitization of all paper documents, X-rays, EKG, etc.


Services include:

  • Document preparation
  • Scanning
  • Indexing
  • Quality Control
  • Importing into your system


– Electronic Health Records


Capture clinical data with ease, streamline your messaging and eliminate all of your paper files with our Meaningful Use Certified, Electronic Health Record Systems.

  • Patient Chart Records
  • Hyperforms
  • ePrescribing


– Medical Groups


Transform the way your practice operates with simple, easy-to-use technology that keeps your focus right where it belongs: on your patients, not your paperwork.

  • Simplify the transition to Electronic Medical Records
  • Reduce the cost of compliance
  • Improve patient service


– Hospitals


Streamline admissions, simplify patient records management, accelerate collections and reduce the cost of compliance—all without sacrificing the quality of patient care.

  • Manage patient records
  • Accelerate payment cycles
  • Enhance back-office processes


– Medical Billing


Digitize and automate the billing process to enable faster collections, fewer denials and easier ways for providers to submit their claims.

  • Automate your workflow
  • Support HIPAA compliance
  • Decrease operating costs


– Skilled Nursing Facilities


Quickly connect staff with critical information to improve residents’ quality of life and cost-effectively deliver quality care.

  • Centrally and securely manage patient records
  • Automate information-sharing between departments
  • Provide back-office benefits across the entire organization