Empowering students, faculty and staff in today’s fast-paced educational environment requires more than allowing them fast access to information. Successful colleges, schools and universities need to optimize their business processes by getting the right information into the right hands at the right time.


Leading educational institutions of all types and sizes – including schools and school districts, two- and four-year colleges, and public and private universities – are turning to to balance enterprise control with departmental flexibility, dramatically improving the productivity and responsiveness of multiple departments institution-wide.


By standardizing on an agile Enterprise Content Management (ECM) system from, you will improve information access and optimize business processes across your institution, without adding resources or straining an already tight budget.


Higher Education Software Solutions


You can’t find and retain the best students with paperwork slowing you down. has solutions that will integrate with your Student Information System (SIS) and higher education software so Admissions and Financial Aid documents are just a click away. Decisions go out faster – without adding staff – and your school is the first acceptance prospects see. The registrar and academic departments will be able to communicate better. The bursar and development offices run faster. Even areas like AP and HR get more done with less paper and automated processes. has several solutions to help automate the processes unique to the education industry. Some take advantage of our hosted solution, while others implement full, in-house ECM systems on campus. Several aspects are evaluated to decipher which solution will be the most effective in solving your organizational processes.


Paperless Automation Provides Faster Admissions Processing at the University of Notre Dame


For the undergraduate admissions office at the University of Notre Dame, having the “luck of the Irish” wasn’t enough. To focus on top candidates and target applicant groups earlier in the competitive admissions season, ND turned to paperless application processing and automation-enhanced review.


After implementing an Enterprise Content Management system, Notre Dame reduced application processing time by 2-3 weeks, resulting in faster decision-making and improved student service. The selected ECM system integrated with their banner SIS (Student Information System) to provide reviewers with the most up-to-date applicant information.


Highlights of the integration include:

  • Handling increasing application volumes with the same or less staff
  • Providing fast, accurate one-call response to student inquiries
  • Allowing staff to focus on higher-value, yield-enhancing projects
  • Eliminating labor and cost of printing 500,000 pages annually




Keeping confidential information secure is crucial to complying with federal and state requirements, but administering records access under FERPA, CIPA and HIPAA consumes staff time. With Optitek, you design and implement a records management policy that protects your information—without interfering with existing business processes.

  • Implement DoD 5015.2-certified records management to guarantee the integrity of your records and automatically determine which records are eligible for transfer, accession or destruction.
  • Use whiteout redactions when responding to FOIA requests – making it impossible for a reader to determine how many words in a sentence were removed.
  • Control confidential records, and prevent them from showing up in a repository search.
  • Dynamically apply document-level security, maintaining different levels of security for each type of document within a personnel or student file.
  • Log system activity to demonstrate compliance with regulations.