PWA Speaker

Angela Lieb

01/07/2015 PWA Speaker Series


Jennifer Hummel, Senior Client Services Consultant, Optitek, Inc. attends the Professional Women’s Alliance (PWA) January Speaker Series at Frontenac Hilton, St. Louis, MO.


The Powering Up Your Productivity Session features two renound speakers:  Angela Lieb, an entrepreneur and expert on busines development, an acclaimed speaker, trainer, and facilitator, and Karen Hoffman, an author, speaker, coach and consultant, who has been called “St. Louis’ most profound connector”.


The Professional Women’s Alliance is an organization of women supporting each other in becoming more effective in both business and community. Members engage through:   networking, mentoring, leadership development, and the exchange of ideas and resources, while focusing on positively impacting the metropolitan area.


Optitek, Inc. is a member of the Professional Women’s Alliance.