In today’s business climate‚ companies need to get the most out of the software and hardware they already have in place. For those customers who are looking for a subscription-based hosted solution, Optitek offers a cost-effective alternative to an on-premises solution. Many successful enterprises are focusing their limited resources on strategic competencies and outsourcing core functions. Increasingly‚ savvy businesses are turning to cutting-edge alternatives in a cloud. Optitek provides state-of-the-art Electronic Document Management Systems (EDMS) capabilities over the Internet using a cloud model.
• Cost savings
• No up-front capital investment
• Quick start-up time
• Quick retrieval from any location
• Little to no IT resources required
• Lower document storage costs through the elimination of paper file archives
• Documents are easier to find and less likely to be misfiled
• Easier control of documents and all kinds of data
• Easier compliance with audit requirements and industry standards
• Efficient sharing of information between remote offices and workers
• Integration of all corporate information in one central repository
• Ability to capture (via scanning) and store large volumes of information
• Ability to store, search, view and share all types of files in a single system
• Just immediate results!